Dev Log 0002

After writing my first dev log, I immediately went to work on my project. I created a brand new Universal Render Pipeline project in unity and started coding up some basic classes.

Where to start?

Well, the first place I start is where I have interest and something tangible that I thought I could get the basics done. So naturally I started with a CTF game manager/flag and goal. Yes, because like I said in my previous post I am crazy for doing this so why not start with something with a lot of moving parts?

So to create a CTF game mode you need a lot of things. A LOT. So you need flags, teams, goals and a game manager at minimum. I created all of these things. Created a basic trigger script for the goal to add score for the goals assigned team when it comes in contact with a flag that doesn’t belong to its team. Took a little bit to get back into the grove of coding these things, but I got it done fairly quickly once I got my system configured how I like it.

So what does it do? When a ball with a flag script hits a box with a goal script, it makes the game manager increase the score for the goals team. Pretty simple, but actually a lot of things are interacting here, so let’s not say this is simple, it is complex.

Why start where there is interest?

Why start where I did? Wouldn’t a character or something more basic be better? NO. Absolutely not. I have tried this for YEARS. As a hobby dev I need motivation to work on this, so I need to work on things that are interesting to me at the time. Lets just say that setting up a new controller for a player did not sound like a great place to start work. Custom character controllers get complex, and I don’t need to burden myself with a daunting task. So I went small, make a flag, make a goal, increase the score. No UI, no fancy end match fanfare. Just a nice easy basic to build confidence and have something tangible to play with for when I feel discouraged. Having something to show, or play with goes a long way at building self interest and motivation with these kind of things, at least for me.

Plans for the week

I plan to assign flags to goals and add respawn logic so once a flag hits another goal it will respawn appropriately. Also to add a timer so if the flag is not controlled it will reset when away from the goal.

Whats after this?

Excellent question. I will likely want to make a capsule style player who can run around and grab the flag. This will start off basic but quickly ballon into complexities as the flag will likely need to interact with an inventory system of some kind, manage storing of items that are out when the flag is picked up(inventory full, do they drop their weapon to pick up the flag?) etc. A lot of tasks and checks that will be needed. At this point creating a basic character controller will likely be the next step. However I will likely still be looking for easy wins and may base it off the existing samples Unity provides.

See you in the next one,