Game Dev Log 0001

It has come increasingly to my attention that even given the time and tools I am not able to sit down and actually do what I have dreamt since entering High School. Build a game. I am not entirely sure what I have been afraid of. Surely part of it is perfectionism. Other parts are fear of failure. Add in a dash of fear of success, and a history of putting my self and my wants/goals aside for decades and well you don’t get very far in life to where you want to be.

So I have decided that today, the 1st of May 2021 will be the day when I start taking steps on this journey. I am using Unity as well so I should be able to rapidly prototype things anyway.

I plan to start at least weekly dev log posts to review the progress made during the week and to set small goals to attain over the next week. No goal is too small to be set. Yes, no goal too SMALL. The problem that I have had is my goals were too big, unmanageable and not discrete and attainable.

What kind of game will I be making?

A first person action adventure game. Think Metroid Prime meets Halo Reach meets Mega Man 6. Why Mega Man 6? Because I like the jet/power adaptors. You’ll find out about that later in a different dev log. Also the weapons should seem a bit familiar as well. As I am a lone dev, I can’t make a AAA product here, so something more simple in the way Metroid Prime plays is better than complex AI, cut scenes etc. And lastly Halo Reach, because its my favorite Halo game ever. And I want to try to implement split screen/LAN/Internet play. Local Co-op IS important.

Sounds ambitious

Yes, I would say this is a little crazy for me to do. However I have an advantage. I program C# for my day job and have practiced painting textures for years. Learning blender and animation will be the hard parts. Who knows, may just outsource those/buy what I need. Because I don’t have the time to do everything. Good enough will have to do. Not everything needs to be done by myself.

What’s next?

Tune in weekly for updates. Subscribe to my blog, eventually when there is sufficient to show visually I will capture some of this and upload it in video format.

Come along for the ride!

You ever want to see someone start from the very very beginning of a project and work through it? Want to watch me fail and make bugs and build some hopefully cool sh!t? Follow me along the way to see what the heck is involved for this process. If what’s produced isn’t entertaining, at least the process should be.

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